I hate being a girl.

Let's take a break in this beautiful Thursday morning for a while to talk about how I hate being a girl, shall we?

Of course all of you girls may hit me with thousands of argument on how wrong I am and how I should really love being a girl. Yes, my fellow girl friends... Yes. I absolutely enjoy being a girl. I can wear cute skirts and pretty shoes and put on colourful make up. I enjoy gossiping, shopping (and windows shopping too, come to think of that), watching chick flick, reading chicklit, et cetera. Don't get me wrong. I do enjoy being a girl.

But there's one thing I really, really hate in being a girl: menstrual pain. Isn't it the worst? Ugh!

Every time I'm on my period, I get stomach cramp and my whole body aches. My mood goes very, very bad; every single thing seems wrong and every single person I deal with seems as annoying as that itch on your back that you can barely scratch. I even want to yell at some people who ask me "What's wrong?" Just. Leave. Me. Alone. Ugh!

And yesterday, while browsing Tumblr for some things that might cheer me up a bit, I found these:



"Get yourself a soft, squishy friend to hug when your real ovaries are wreaking havoc on your body!" I don't know what to feel about these stuffs :|

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