I'm back!

Yes, I finally am!

After spending 39 days in the service, a brief time in Bandung, and one week in Lampung, I'm finally back to blogging again. There's so much I want to share that I can't even remember each one of it. So sorry that I can't tell you the full story here, but hey at least I'm back again! Haha

That was the picture of my sister that I took on the boat when we went back home from Lampung last week. Let's take a brief moment to talk about how I envy her short hair. I used to have that same haircut, but now I have to keep it long since I'm wearing hijab and it would be a little bit troublesome if my hair was short. So sad :(

And that was a new book I bought last Saturday. The title is The Geography of Bliss. I'm trying to read at least one book a month. It's on my bucket list (which will be shared soon in this blog).

The new semester will start this coming Monday and I'm so excited about it. Let's hope that I don't mess anything up now that it should be my final year in college. (If I messed up, I would have to take an additional semester next year, making this year not my final year. Dear God, no.)

I love you!!!

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