30 Aug 2012

Have you ever gone to a place and then totally forgot why you're even there? I'm feeling it right now. I'm in my college's central library and totally forget why I'm here in the first place. This is weird and I thought I couldn't be weirder. So I decided to post that bucket list I talked about last night. Here it is. It's that simple. And weird.

Do you have a bucket list too on your blog? Share the link in the comment box. I'd like to visit it ;)

Now back again to thinking and wondering what I should be doing now.

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  1. sekilas kirain foto alien. o_0
    efek jaket kali ya..

  2. I have a thirty before thirty list. Which is kinda like a bucket list, but less time to complete everything lol.


  3. Ooh I love your list! I made a list one time like this but mostly it involved traveling around the world (which I am too poor to do). I love that your list involves some very do-able things that you could accomplish right where you are now.


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