used to

Funny how someone who once was your best friend, the one who knew you the most, now becomes a total stranger.

He used to understand your thoughts even when you didn't say them out loud, but now he can't even understand no matter how hard you try to explain.

He used to make your day a little bit brighter, even the gloomiest one, but now he makes your life miserable.

He used to want to talk to you all day long, but now he can't even call you on the phone to try to fix things that are too broken to be fixed.

He used to text you sweet words, called you 'sweetheart', but now he texts you sarcasms and calls you 'GIRL' (caps lock on).

What you need to know is:
Things happen for a reason.

If one bad breakup can change him that much, imagine how much he could change when he has to face bigger problems.

Maybe, just maybe, it's God's way to show you the real him.

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