student community service: day 1 and 2

Good afternoon from Garut!

Student Community Service finally started yesterday. We took off from Bandung at about 10 PM and arrived at downtown Garut at lunch time. We had lunch there before heading off to Sindangmekar, a village in which we are going to spend the next five weeks. Everything's been good so far, except for the fact that my left foot is now bruised because of nothing. I'm quite sure that the whole five weeks is going to be fun. I'm going to miss P (badly!) but he said he would visit me next week. I'm going to miss my family too, especially my sister, but I may go home once or twice. I hope I can handle the homesickness. I told you I have never been away from home for more than ten days, so this service can be a sort of measurement on how much of a spoiled city girl I am. Haha!

Also, the internet connection from this village is not that good. I apologise if I become MIA in the next five weeks. But I surely will find some way to get a better connection.

See you!

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