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Jen, being the sweet girl that she is, gave me this award. The rule is to describe what makes a lovely blog according to my own perspective and then give this award to other bloggers.

What makes a lovely blog:
In my opinion, a lovely blog is the one who looks simple without too many stuffs on the sidebar. I also prefer the one which has at least one picture per post (even if the picture has nothing to do with the rest of the post). The choice of colour scheme for the blog is important too. I once came across a blog with green background and pink font. My poor eyes... Also, I like it when a blogger writes as if they really talk to the audience. And last but not least, I agree with Jen that continously post giveaways is not a good thing.

And that's it, folks. What makes a lovely blog according to me. And I nominate Marisa, Megan, and Kelsea.

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