a time machine

19 Jul 2012

Hello! I just got back to the present after travelling back in time. LOL JK. I went to an old cinema in Garut downtown with May and AF today because we were bored. And by 'old', I mean 'reaaaaaally old'. Look at these pictures:

There were only two films being played there. One was Mama Minta Pulsa (a horror film) and the other was Broken Hearts (a drama), both were old films that aren't played in Bandung anymore. We chose Broken Hearts because we didn't think Mama Minta Pulsa was a good film (it's Indonesian horror film. Haha!) The ticket price was only IDR 8K, can you believe it? :D

"baby i will be your everything."

17 Jul 2012

Remember when I told you how I loved official lyric videos on YouTube? Here's a new official lyric video for Boys Like Girls' new single, Be Your Everything. It's such a sweet song! Oh how I miss Boys Like Girls. This song is a perfect comeback single.

used to

16 Jul 2012

Funny how someone who once was your best friend, the one who knew you the most, now becomes a total stranger.

He used to understand your thoughts even when you didn't say them out loud, but now he can't even understand no matter how hard you try to explain.

He used to make your day a little bit brighter, even the gloomiest one, but now he makes your life miserable.

He used to want to talk to you all day long, but now he can't even call you on the phone to try to fix things that are too broken to be fixed.

He used to text you sweet words, called you 'sweetheart', but now he texts you sarcasms and calls you 'GIRL' (caps lock on).

What you need to know is:
Things happen for a reason.

If one bad breakup can change him that much, imagine how much he could change when he has to face bigger problems.

Maybe, just maybe, it's God's way to show you the real him.

weekend is for...

15 Jul 2012

I'm currently taking some days off from the service for the rest of the weekend. I had been feeling homesick since the beginning of the week and things got worst on Thursday, so I decided to go home on Friday morning. I went home with a plan to deal with a big problem that had been bugging me for the last two months. But then I decided that it was best to postpone it until the end of the service. I spent the weekend with P and my family instead. I had missed them like crazy and I think they are what's most important right now. I hope when I go back to Sindangmekar tomorrow morning, I would be in a better condition so that I could stay there in peace and enjoy doing the service for the rest of the 30 days left.

student community service: day 7

11 Jul 2012

Good morning from Sindangmekar! Sorry for the lack of posts here lately. I have yet to get a proper internet connection on my laptop. I'm currently writing on the Blogger app for Android. This app sucks at managing pictures, so this post doesn't have any images like the rest of my blog.

The purpose of this post is actually to tell you that I'm still alive! Haha. I already feel homesick since two days ago, but I'm trying to deal with it. P said it might be because I still don't have anything to do, so this morning I did the chores from 4.30 am to 6.45 nonstop. It helped a lot. I feel a little bit better now :)

Still 33 days to go, guys. Wish me luck with this homesickness. Ugh!

student community service: day 3

7 Jul 2012

Yesterday and today was mainly spent by walking around the village and socialising with the people, introducing ourselves and our programs to them. The village is located in a mountain so the climate is quite extreme compared to Bandung. The afternoon is hot, whilst the night is very cold. I'm still trying to get used to taking a bath with extremely cold water. I managed to wash my hair this morning, by the way (yay me!!!)

Still 37 days to go. Go me!

student community service: day 1 and 2

6 Jul 2012

Good afternoon from Garut!

Student Community Service finally started yesterday. We took off from Bandung at about 10 PM and arrived at downtown Garut at lunch time. We had lunch there before heading off to Sindangmekar, a village in which we are going to spend the next five weeks. Everything's been good so far, except for the fact that my left foot is now bruised because of nothing. I'm quite sure that the whole five weeks is going to be fun. I'm going to miss P (badly!) but he said he would visit me next week. I'm going to miss my family too, especially my sister, but I may go home once or twice. I hope I can handle the homesickness. I told you I have never been away from home for more than ten days, so this service can be a sort of measurement on how much of a spoiled city girl I am. Haha!

Also, the internet connection from this village is not that good. I apologise if I become MIA in the next five weeks. But I surely will find some way to get a better connection.

See you!

lovely blog

4 Jul 2012

Jen, being the sweet girl that she is, gave me this award. The rule is to describe what makes a lovely blog according to my own perspective and then give this award to other bloggers.

What makes a lovely blog:
In my opinion, a lovely blog is the one who looks simple without too many stuffs on the sidebar. I also prefer the one which has at least one picture per post (even if the picture has nothing to do with the rest of the post). The choice of colour scheme for the blog is important too. I once came across a blog with green background and pink font. My poor eyes... Also, I like it when a blogger writes as if they really talk to the audience. And last but not least, I agree with Jen that continously post giveaways is not a good thing.

And that's it, folks. What makes a lovely blog according to me. And I nominate Marisa, Megan, and Kelsea.

it's just a thought, only a thought

3 Jul 2012


Somebody once said that I lacked of determination. Maybe they were right. Maybe I actually do lack of determination. Or maybe I'm just lazy. I don't know. All I know, I should be packing for the student community service. On Thursday, I'll leave to stay in a place I don't quite know for 40 days and yet here I am, 15 minutes to midnight, still sitting in front of my laptop.

Maybe I'm lazy. Or maybe I just don't want to leave the comfort of the place I've known all my life. Or maybe it's the fact that I have never been away from my family for more than 10 days. Well either way I'm doomed. I still need to pack my stuffs.

Will I get the chance and a good internet connection to keep blogging during the service? I don't know. Let's just hope for the best of everything.

it's finally monday

2 Jul 2012

After 10 days, P's finally back in town. And because I'm leaving for the student community service in 3 days (and probably not seeing him again for the whole 40 days), we decided to make the most of today. We watched The Legend of Korra season finale (because we're big fans of the show!) and had lunch in Madtari. After that, we went to Superindo Dago to play Pump It Up.

He was excited since he didn't find the newest version of Pump It Up machine in his hometown. He really loves that game that he could spend hours just to play it. He's already on level 11 while I'm stuck on level 7-8. Ha!

After playing five game credits, we went to BIP to buy some stuffs. It was already dinner time when we went out of BIP, so we decided to have dinner rightaway. We shared a bowl of Takoyaki and Mango Dessert in Kedai Ling-Ling.

We left Kedai Ling-Ling at 7PM and headed to a carnival in KPAD Gegerkalong. We didn't buy anything nor get on any ride. P did ask me to get on a ride (the one which is like a merry-go-round but instead of only going in a cirle, it goes up and down to), but I refused because I never want to get on a ride which can cause me to get sick. I never have the guts to try such rides. Yeah, I know... I'm a chicken. Haha!

At 8PM, we called it a night and I went home. But not without this lovely, lovely elephant t-shirt that he bought me:

I'm happy :)