weekend is for...

For the second time in the last two months, P and I went to Garut. While last month we went to P's old place when he was on student community service, Leles, this time we went to Sindangmekar, Wanaraja, which is going to be my place on student community service next month. The journey from Bandung to Garut was just as smooth as the last time, but Wanaraja turned out to be a little bit farther than I had expected. And what is worse was the fact that to reach Sindangmekar, we had to take a route with a bumpy road. But I have to adapt to it because I'm going to stay there for about 40 days.

Now I'm really, really tired. I still have to do a final assignment for Research Methodology class, due on Wednesday at 10.40am. I can not procrastinate again (like I did for TEYL last week).

And how about your weekend?

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