23 Jun 2012

I have always known that if I were a student of Hogwarts, I would surely enroll in Slytherin. It was proved by the Sorting Hat in Pottermore. So I guess it's official now: I'm a Slytherin (and proud of that!)

I'm a little bit left behind on this Pottermore thingy and I haven't had any friends yet. If you're on Pottermore too, I would be very glad if you could add me as your friend (or you could just leave your username on the comment section so I could add you). My username is HazelStar26346. (Isn't it such a bummer that we can't choose our own username? I would like to use something like DaraMalfoy or PutdarLongbottom. Oh well...)

Join the discussion?

  1. Yay for Slytherin! I'm in Slytherin as well. You can add me...JinxPurple5663.

  2. I am StarNimbus10598 - I just added you! :) I really hope we can get to book 2 soon - I really want to keep going in this game! I was hoping I'd get Gryffindor, but I got Ravenclaw. Which actually does seem a lot like me, since I'm pretty studious and all.


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