let's start all over again!

So I changed a lot of things today. I changed this blog's name and layout. I deleted a lot of unnecessary badges from my sidebar. I also deleted my sponsors' buttons. I'm really sorry I have to cancel our agreement on button swaps. I'm getting a lot busier now that I don't have enough time to pay attention to my sponsors. I don't feature them anymore; in fact, I don't even visit them and leave a comment or two like I used to do. I'm a bad blogger. I will email each of you who has agreed to swap button with me as soon as I have the time. I'm currently busy arranging my stuffs in my new house. Oh wait; I haven't told you that I'm moving to a new house, have I? (See? I'm a horrible blogger.)

Source: google.com via Danielle on Pinterest

It's a new month (can't believe it's June already!) and I'm in a new house. I'm hoping that this blog can have a new beginning too. A lot of things have happened lately. A lot of bad things, actually. So I'm hoping I can go back to regular posting about my daily life without emphasizing on the bad stuffs. I have a wonderful life. Oh yes I do.

Be nice to me, June!

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