let's start all over again!

2 Jun 2012

So I changed a lot of things today. I changed this blog's name and layout. I deleted a lot of unnecessary badges from my sidebar. I also deleted my sponsors' buttons. I'm really sorry I have to cancel our agreement on button swaps. I'm getting a lot busier now that I don't have enough time to pay attention to my sponsors. I don't feature them anymore; in fact, I don't even visit them and leave a comment or two like I used to do. I'm a bad blogger. I will email each of you who has agreed to swap button with me as soon as I have the time. I'm currently busy arranging my stuffs in my new house. Oh wait; I haven't told you that I'm moving to a new house, have I? (See? I'm a horrible blogger.)

It's a new month (can't believe it's June already!) and I'm in a new house. I'm hoping that this blog can have a new beginning too. A lot of things have happened lately. A lot of bad things, actually. So I'm hoping I can go back to regular posting about my daily life without emphasizing on the bad stuffs. I have a wonderful life. Oh yes I do.

Be nice to me, June!

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  1. i didn't even realize what blog i was one for a second here. i like the clean new layout - and i hope june is kind to you and we get to see more of your blog posts!

    1. thanks! i hope you have a great month too, love :)

  2. Hey Putdar!;) I love the name! ♥

  3. Love your new look! You're using my new favorite font too, which is awesome. ;)

    Totally understand about the sponsor thing. It can get very time-consuming! If you get it in your country, you should check out passionfruitads.com - they are great for organizing and posting ads to your site. I just signed up w/ them and it's made my life so much easier! You would still have to worry about featuring sponsors, but the tracking down links and buttons part would be taken over by them. (You get to approve the ads though, don't worry).

    I'm working on ways to make featuring sponsors quicker and less painful as well. That's always one of my least favorite parts about sponsors. Having my ads on other people's sites is great advertising though, so I try to make it work. ;)


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