look what i got yesterday!

I was going to say "Happy Sunday, friends!" but then I remembered that it is Sunday, and it means that tomorrow is Monday. No, we can not be happy on Sunday. At least I can't, because I have a midterm test tomorrow and I haven't studied anything yet. (Oh well, you know... Procrastinators gonna procrastinate.)

Why haven't I studied this weekend? Because yesterday I went to Geek Fest with Afief and Arif (not really a necessary reason, I know...) I may or may not put Geek Fest on a special post. Let's see if the guys send me the pictures they took yesterday to me soon enough for me to post them here in my blog.

However, the main point of this post is actually to tell you that I bought The Hunger Games book, like I said I would.

After attending Geek Fest, I went to Rumah Buku to buy this book with a discount of 30%. I looked for the one with the old cover (because I like it better) but couldn't find any, so I went home with the new one. And when I came home, this was already waiting for me:

This is the Blue Dolphin Plushie I won in a giveaway held by Capungmungil and other Indonesian crafters. It's really cute, isn't it? Thank you very much, Capungmungil!

Alright, then. Have a happy weekend, friends! Now I'm going to study. Or maybe not :p


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