this friday night

2 Mar 2012

Nothing beats hanging out with a bunch of best friends on a Friday night; playing Pump It Up and having dinner at Domino's Pizza. It was my first time eating in Domino's. Don't worry, though; it was their first time too. We were so noisy and people kept staring at us, but who cared? We were having fun!


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  1. Your Friday night looks better that mine. :D
    It's Friday afternoon and I'm planning to do laundry tonight.
    I want to get pizza but I I gave up soda for lent.
    I can't eat pizza without soda, you know?
    Have a good weekned!

    ps, I love your new layout!

  2. I love me some Domino's pizza! Glad you had fun. Nothing better then a good night with good friends and good food!


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