the hunger games

26 Mar 2012

I really wish you could read the ticket I'm holding in this picture because Afief took a blurry one :(

So, I decided to watch The Hunger Games today. I went to Ciwalk with Afief, May, and Rima. We got four rather uncomfortable seats at the front row. My neck and my head still hurt until now. But it was worth the pain! I got to see Josh Hutcherson's face on that very big screen!

I haven't read the book, actually. So I can't compare the movie to the book. But if we set the book aside, I can say that The Hunger Games is not a disappointment. However, I think that there are some aspects that still could be made better. But I like the casts, though. I think Jennifer Lawrence's acting as Katniss is very impressive.

And because of this movie, I want to read the book. I may go to the bookstore to buy one this week.

Have you watched The Hunger Games? What do you think about it?


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  1. your photos becomes blurry because you shaking when i took your picture .. heu heu....

  2. eudeuk jigana pud. tapi the raid rame cenah, nonton geh, terus ripiu di sini nyak? ngahahaha

    1. Sorry, Ciw. I don't do action movies except if Jason Statham is involved. Hahahaha

  3. I LOVED it and I've read the books too! It stayed so true to the books! So good!

  4. I haven't read the book either and I loved it! I think the whole idea and plot of the Hunger Games is just amazing!


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