houston, we have a problem.

13 Mar 2012

A random webcam picture of my face, as usual.

You might have already noticed that it's been a little bit quiet here lately. Currently, I'm having a problem with my internet connection. I usually use unlimited internet package, but my ISP (XL) decided that they would not provide unlimited package anymore. Now I have to pay IDR99.000 for a connection with 2,5GB quota for a month. If you don't know yet, that is waaay too expensive for a college student (jobless college student, to be precise). Every now and then, I'm able to use the free wifi connection in my campus, but it's hard to keep up with this blog by using that kind of connection.

So, if you live in Indonesia, I have two questions for you:
1) What is your ISP?
2) Which ISP would you recommend me to use? (I'm using a GSM broadband modem)

I really, really need help. Pretty, pretty, please?


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  1. AHH! I hope your internet connection speeds up soon

  2. I'm using tri, 125 rupiah for 5 GB but they have other packages as well. Check this : http://internet.tri.co.id/product-pages.php?id=produk-isi-ulang

    Been using this provider for bout 7 months-ish and it's been great. Specially if compared with my previous provider (IM2)

  3. *sorry, I meant 125K rupiah :)


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