girls' problem

27 Mar 2012


It's that time of the month again when I'm in real pain. My stomach cramps, my lower back aches, my knees are weak, and my head is dizzy. I could barely walk this afternoon. Vicky helped me (a lot!) by massaging my lower back. It was super effective because the pain decreased, but it's back again now. (Oh how I wish you were here, Vicky...)

I just made myself a big glass of hot chocolate. Hope it can make me feel better because tonight I have to read chapter 3 and 4 of Language Acquisition's textbook. I'm going to have a quiz tomorrow, so please my dear God kick this pain away!


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  1. I just burst out laughing at that picture, WIN. But sorry to hear about the cramps, I get them so bad myself that I'd honestly just rather perish away than deal with the pain.

    1. Some days, when it gets even worse than this, I really consider going to the hospital and asking the doctor sto put me in a comma for a week. It's THAT painful... :'(


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