16 Feb 2012

Since hitting puberty, I've always been a pimpled-faced girl. After so many years, I finally accepted that fact (since it's on my DNA; my mum and dad also had pimples when they were teenagers). But for the past week, they somehow get worst. My face is red now. I think it's time to start looking for help from the experts, no? *insert sad face here*


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  1. Try washing your face everyday and night with natural soap, that really helps me.

  2. ps: I'm working on you design. ;)

  3. Proactive!!!!!!! is the best thing, trust me.....

  4. Everyone goes through that period in life. Hehe... Try a facial wash that has green tea on it. Works like magic. :)


  5. Sad! And yes, I've heard Proactive works very well, although I've never tried it. I still get some pimples, but generally washing regularly seems to take care of them. Also make sure to moisturize as well - a lot of the acne washes can really dry out your skin which actually compounds the problem.

  6. i just proactive and it made my face much worse! it works very well for some but not for others. you can also try products with tea tree oil. that has worked well for me as of late :)


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