music monday (on tuesday): a tribute playlist

21 Feb 2012

(Silly me put the Music Monday post on Tuesday again.)

This week's theme for Music Monday is tribute. I don't have much to say about the playlist, except the fact that I love each song on it. And I couldn't find The Beatles on Grooveshark, so I put the YouTube video instead. Here they go:

I know, I know. The Long and Winding Road was actually sung by Paul McCartney, and he is alive. (And he won a Grammy! And people tweeted "Who the hell is Paul McCartney? Is he Jesse McCartney's uncle?") I put it here just because John Lennon played the bass. And I love him (though not as much as I love Paul. Sorry, Johnny Boy...)

I'm linking up with Kristen. You should check her version :)


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  1. Love your picks, Putdar! There's some songs I haven't heard before and I really enjoyed them. I like listening in another language- it's nice to feel the message through the music, even when you may not fully understand. Thanks for sharing! (isn't it weird that the Beatles aren't on Grooveshark? Or John Lennon? I think someone has the rights to their songs and doesn't allow file sharing. Lame.)


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