life lately

So, what did I do in those five days I was away from this blog? Aside of watching Downton Abbey, not much. Just the regular things a college student do: going to classes, doing homework, downloading e-books, etc. But there was a special event on Thursday where I gave a tutorial on how to sign up and create a blog in Blogger to some people.

After a (quite) long hiatus, BlowUP!'s sharing class striked again. Three new people attended the class where I shared my (limited) knowledge about blogging with Blogger. I began with explaining the step-by-step to sign up and create a blog, and then I gave a brief explanation on how to use Blogger's Template Design. I'm not an expert (in fact, I was helped by my 'seniors' in BlowUP! ;p) but sharing my little knowledge was fun!

And then today, I went to a seminar on how to wear hijab. The event was called "Lovely Hijab". I learnt three new ways to wear hijab. Here's the before-and-after pics:

The after picture doesn't show any of the hijab styles I learnt today, actually. I didn't bring mirror so I had to share a mirror with Vicky, so it was kinda hard to follow the instructions for the new hijab styles. But I'm surely gonna try them soon.

That is all, folks! What about you? How's life been?