i'm so sorry. i really am.

I know saying that I'm sorry is actually no use. Everytime I disappear and neglect this blog, I come back and apologise for my absence, only to disappear again for days. I don't have any explanations for why I've been missing and rarely posted anything here. I'm not busy; in fact, I have a lot of free time. The only problem that I face recently is the availability of internet connection in my house. XL decided to stop their unlimited internet access so I have to use my campus' free wifi to surf the internet.

I'm so sorry for neglecting this blog and not replying your sweet comments. I'm going to try (very hard) to keep up with The Nerdy Elephant and come back to be a full-time blogger again. I kinda miss those days when I was able to post every single day...

Now I'm going to visit my favourite blogs and leaving comments. Put your blog address on the comment so I can visit yours too :)

And now my face (as usual :p)


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