change is good

29 Feb 2012

And that's why I got this new layout:

It's very pretty, isn't it? A few weeks ago I won this custom template from Kendra in a giveaway. We've been emailing each other back and forth, discussing about the layout. And it turns out like this. I really like it! What do you think?


explain THIS, america!

28 Feb 2012

Click here to read the article

Sherlock Holmes goes to a rehab in NYC? Watson is a 'she'? Really, America?!


music monday: one hit wonders

27 Feb 2012

Hello, lovelies! It's a gloomy Monday here in Bandung, but I'm in a very pleasant mood. Why? Because I don't have to attend English for Office Administration class tomorrow. Yo ho ho!

And for the first time in weeks, I do a Music Monday post in the actual Monday. This week's theme is One Hit Wonders. I had to dig my memory very deep to find these songs. I need to inform you that these are one hit wonders in Indonesia. I know that Smash!! was quite popular in their origin country (Russia), but they only had one hit here in Indonesia. The same thing happened to Jesse McCartney. So, I beg your pardon if you think that these songs are not really one hit wonders in your country. (Afterall, I don't have a wide knowledge in music, actually.)

So, here they are:

Again, I'm linking up with Kristen for her Music Mondays feature. She hasn't posted her playlist and the linky yet, but I'm going to post mine now. Hope you enjoy it. Happy Monday, y'all!


i had too much fun with the webcam

24 Feb 2012

On Sunday, I bought a new laptop and today I got the chance to try the webcam for the very first time. So, instead of putting one picture of my face like I usually do, I decided to put all the eighteen of them in only one post. Enjoy! (Or not :p)


PS. I got an award from Messy!

music monday (on tuesday): a tribute playlist

21 Feb 2012

(Silly me put the Music Monday post on Tuesday again.)

This week's theme for Music Monday is tribute. I don't have much to say about the playlist, except the fact that I love each song on it. And I couldn't find The Beatles on Grooveshark, so I put the YouTube video instead. Here they go:

I know, I know. The Long and Winding Road was actually sung by Paul McCartney, and he is alive. (And he won a Grammy! And people tweeted "Who the hell is Paul McCartney? Is he Jesse McCartney's uncle?") I put it here just because John Lennon played the bass. And I love him (though not as much as I love Paul. Sorry, Johnny Boy...)

I'm linking up with Kristen. You should check her version :)


i'm so sorry. i really am.

20 Feb 2012

I know saying that I'm sorry is actually no use. Everytime I disappear and neglect this blog, I come back and apologise for my absence, only to disappear again for days. I don't have any explanations for why I've been missing and rarely posted anything here. I'm not busy; in fact, I have a lot of free time. The only problem that I face recently is the availability of internet connection in my house. XL decided to stop their unlimited internet access so I have to use my campus' free wifi to surf the internet.

I'm so sorry for neglecting this blog and not replying your sweet comments. I'm going to try (very hard) to keep up with The Nerdy Elephant and come back to be a full-time blogger again. I kinda miss those days when I was able to post every single day...

Now I'm going to visit my favourite blogs and leaving comments. Put your blog address on the comment so I can visit yours too :)

And now my face (as usual :p)



16 Feb 2012

Since hitting puberty, I've always been a pimpled-faced girl. After so many years, I finally accepted that fact (since it's on my DNA; my mum and dad also had pimples when they were teenagers). But for the past week, they somehow get worst. My face is red now. I think it's time to start looking for help from the experts, no? *insert sad face here*


music monday (on wednesday): love songs

15 Feb 2012

Woohoo... I'm such a lazy girl. Two nights in a row, I went to bed earlier than usual. I just felt so tired, even though I did nothing. So this post had to wait two days before getting posted. It actually had sat in my draft since Monday, but I didn't have the energy even to just click 'Publish'. Whoa!

So here they are, my friends, five greatest love songs in my version. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Oh and happy pinkish day :)


PS. I have another playlist from last year with more songs. Check it out!

life lately

12 Feb 2012

So, what did I do in those five days I was away from this blog? Aside of watching Downton Abbey, not much. Just the regular things a college student do: going to classes, doing homework, downloading e-books, etc. But there was a special event on Thursday where I gave a tutorial on how to sign up and create a blog in Blogger to some people.

After a (quite) long hiatus, BlowUP!'s sharing class striked again. Three new people attended the class where I shared my (limited) knowledge about blogging with Blogger. I began with explaining the step-by-step to sign up and create a blog, and then I gave a brief explanation on how to use Blogger's Template Design. I'm not an expert (in fact, I was helped by my 'seniors' in BlowUP! ;p) but sharing my little knowledge was fun!

And then today, I went to a seminar on how to wear hijab. The event was called "Lovely Hijab". I learnt three new ways to wear hijab. Here's the before-and-after pics:

The after picture doesn't show any of the hijab styles I learnt today, actually. I didn't bring mirror so I had to share a mirror with Vicky, so it was kinda hard to follow the instructions for the new hijab styles. But I'm surely gonna try them soon.

That is all, folks! What about you? How's life been?


five days without blogging???

11 Feb 2012

Blame these people:

Last month, I wrote about how I was addicted to Sherlock and Christianna commented on the post. She mentioned another UK TV series called Downton Abbey. Having been stunned by Sherlock, I decided to give Downton a try. I looked it up and got the first series. It was oh so amazing! The plot, the characters, the actors and actresses... everything is amazing! I ended up finishing the first series in one night only. The next day, I got the second series and I finished watching it in three days. I was completely absorbed by this show that I abandoned this blog. LOL. Thanks, Christianna, for introducing me to this wonderful show!

Have you watched Downton Abbey? Who's your favourite character?


music mondays: songs from 1991

6 Feb 2012

When I found out last week that this week's theme for Music Mondays link up in Kristen's blog was 'Top 5 favorites from your birth year', I instantly thought about those slow rock musics which were very famous in the early 1990's. But when I saw this list, I was surprised that I actually only knew four songs (out of 100). So here they are, number 1 through 4. Plus one song from 1990. I cheated, I know. But I really like this song, so I thought it would be okay, eh Kristen? ;)

Why don't you come over her blog and link up too?

I was featured on Christianna's blog :)


i'm vlogging!

5 Feb 2012

Yesterday, I came up to this blog and found out that they are going to make a vlog link up on Monday. I already had plan on Monday, so I decided to just put it up now, on Sunday. Sorry for the crappy quality of my webcam video result. Also, sorry for my English speaking skill. I gotta improve it. Hope you understand what I was trying to say. Enjoy!



a quick post to say 'ollo!'

4 Feb 2012

I haven't posted any picture of my face for days, so here it goes:


I haven't told you guys about this, but my room was renovated a few days ago. I'll be busy decorating it for the whole weekend, I guess. So I'm really sorry if I'm MIA. Again. I'll be back as soon as possible with the regular posts. I love you!


first day of the sixth semester (+ giveaway winner!)

1 Feb 2012

Where did the time go? The exams week feels like it was just yesterday and now the holiday has ended and the sixth semester has started! My, my... And because the holiday felt so short to me, I didn't prepare well to go to campus today. I ended up leaving my notebook at home, so I took notes in my laptop. I finally used Microsoft Office OneNote for the first time. Didn't know that it finally turned out to be so useful. Haha...

This semester I only take six classes for 15 credit hours plus 2 credit hours of KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata), so that's 17 credit hours. It's an anomaly for me, because I usually take 19-21 credit hours. It's a lot, I know. But it's quite normal in my country. Looking at my timetable, I have some free time. I'm planning to look for a part-time job, but my seniors tell me that the sixth semester is the hardest semester. Now I'm not sure anymore. What do you guys think? Should I look for a job or no?

On a different matter, I already have the winner of my very first giveaway! And the winner is:

Congratulations! I'll inform you via Twitter so you can claim your prize. :)

For others who did not win, don't worry. I already have other giveaway plans in my mind, so stick around! ;D