why do i blog?

Last week, I got this comment on one of my posts:

Sadly, when I tried to reply to her comment (like I usually do to almost all comments I get), I couldn't find her email address because she is a 'no-reply@blogger.com'. Her blogs are in Portuguese and I didn't recognise a single word. So, I would try to do my best to answer her question here in this post. (I actually kinda found it funny that at the same time, people started talking about why they blog and what language they use in their blog in this Facebook group. I haven't said anything in that group, but I think I'll answer it in this post too.)

First, why do I blog? I already said something about it in this post last year. I started this blog (named Putdar di Sini at that time) as a fulfillment of an assignment from my lecturer. He asked each student to have his/her own blog and to write there regularly. He also told us to follow each other's blog and comment on each other's posts. It only lasted one semester and then I abandoned this blog. One year after that, I started reading  blogs of Michelle (found it via Blogger's Blogs of Note) and Kaelah (found it via Michelle's blog). Inspired by them, I resurrected it from its comma and it has been going on until today.

Well, that was the history of this blog, actually; didn't answer the question "why do I blog?". Sorry...

So, why do I blog? I clearly don't look like other blogging ladies, because they're crafty, pretty, fashionable, inspiring, engaged (okay, not all of them), but I only look like a super boring college student, blogging about her boring life, how she procrastinates a lot, how she keeps running out of money, posting pictures of her doing weird faces (Afief actually said so), and blah blah blah...

But that's me. I'm trying to keep being honest here in my blog. I'm trying to document my life as honest as I can, so that someday (if Blogger decides to keep my blog for a long, long time) I can show it to my grandchildren and say "Look, honey. Gramma was such a bad college student. You must do better than me."

Another reason why I blog is to get overseas friends. I'm actually doing good. I can say that I have a couple of friends from other countries now. We're sending emails back and forth every now and then, and that's amazing!

And to answer Camile's question... I'm now on my third year studying English Education in a university. I choose to blog in English because I want to practice my English skills, particularly in writing. My English is not really that good, so I need to know if people can understand what I'm trying to say. And so far, I think I'm doing good because judging from people's comments, they can understand my version of English.

That's it. I hope this can answer your question, Camile. I really want to be friends with you, so if you could send me an e-mail (can be found in this page), that would be wonderful!

Oh and please answer this question in the comment box:
Do you think it's okay for me to keep putting up pictures of myself (particularly my face) in every post? Because Afief doesn't like it. And because he said so, I'm starting to feel a little bit worried about it. What do you think? Should I stop doing that? (Or maybe reducing it a little?)


On a different matter, yesterday we elected Afief the first president of BlowUP! He should've worn the crown, but he refused. So I put the crown on his head right when the camera started snapping. Sandi put the pictures as a gif in his blog. Check it out:

I sacrificed myself in that picture. My face can't be seen. Haha... But it was worth it, no? ;p

Congratulations, Afief!


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