sticks and stones may break my bones

17 Jan 2012

I don't understand those people who keep saying "Don't be sad!" everytime they see me down. What? Being sad is humane. It's a learning process. I have all the rights to be sad and enjoy the sadness I am in.

Lately, every now and then, I'm trying to find something that can make me sad just because I haven't been in days. I listen to The Beatles, watch movies, re-read Deathly Hallows (chapter The Prince's Tale), and think about my 'dream deferred'. I feel the need to feel sad. That's normal, right? Wanting to be sad is like wanting to be happy, just the opposite. It's to create balance between them.

Ah... I'm rambling, friends. Pardon me.


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  1. oowwhhhh... (ɔˇ³ˇ)ɔ puk puk puk ...

  2. girl, i feel ya! p.s. your blog is divine!

  3. yes. sadness makes people uncomfortable. but i love embracing emotions. positive or negative. it's all about being real with ourselves. and with others.

  4. Hey there! Found you from Jen's blog. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Very wise words... I think people are uncomfortable when they see someone sad, they don't know what to do, and it hurts for them to see you that way. The best thing they can do is give you a hug and say they understand. Sometimes I cry for no reason just because I haven't in a while. You're right- it's all about keeping the balance of emotions. Thanks for sharing this. Following! xo

  5. Yes being sad is very human and can be a very relieving feeling. No one can be happy all the time (and if they seem to be, they're probably lying to themselves). Nothing wrong with sadness!


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