procrastinating at its finest

6 Jan 2012

It's 12.48am and I'm currently on 375 out of 4000 words I should write for my Intercultural Communication's mini research. This afternoon I finished the final project for Teaching Evaluation slightly before the deadline (or so I thought). The exams week is just around the corner, so I know exactly that I should be studying and/or finishing those assignments.

But... yeah. I decided to watch a movie instead. For the umpteenth time this week. This time, it's What's Your Number?.

what's your number?

I love Anna Faris' voice. And Chris Evan's body is just so... WOW! The story itself is easy to guess. I can't say that it's the best movie but it can do just fine. Visit the source of the poster to read the review.

Now, I really need to refill my cup of cappuccino and go back to doing my mini research. Bye now!


PS. Did I mention that Chris Evan's body is, like, WOW?

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  1. Interesting! What's it about? I haven't heard of this one.

  2. Hello! I'm Camile, from Brazil and I don't know how I came to your blog, but I loved!!! I'm going to do the same graduation you do, so I think we can talk a lot about it. I have one question... your main language isn't english, so you write this hole blog in another language... why? For practice or for other reason? I'd liked to write my blog in english too, so not only brazilians will read, but many people around the world (the problem is that I'm not confident enough, and I know I can't write correctly. Maybe it will be a good idea for improve my english until I start my graduation (February).

    Well, I hope we can be good friends, I really liked what you wrote!


    PS.: My blog is in portuguese language ( but I'm starting a new one to write more about me, and maybe in english ;)


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