procrastinating at its finest

It's 12.48am and I'm currently on 375 out of 4000 words I should write for my Intercultural Communication's mini research. This afternoon I finished the final project for Teaching Evaluation slightly before the deadline (or so I thought). The exams week is just around the corner, so I know exactly that I should be studying and/or finishing those assignments.

But... yeah. I decided to watch a movie instead. For the umpteenth time this week. This time, it's What's Your Number?.

what's your number?

I love Anna Faris' voice. And Chris Evan's body is just so... WOW! The story itself is easy to guess. I can't say that it's the best movie but it can do just fine. Visit the source of the poster to read the review.

Now, I really need to refill my cup of cappuccino and go back to doing my mini research. Bye now!


PS. Did I mention that Chris Evan's body is, like, WOW?