16 Jan 2012

These words are wonderful. Whenever you're feeling negative, do the opposite.

It's an inspiration for boyish look.

This was me last week, when I had Statistics exam. I finished earlier than anybody. Still not sure, though. Haha!

Cute and warming colours. And I love coffee too! I'm thinking maybe I could change my blog's template to look like this a little bit, no?

This is just beautiful.


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  1. Yes! ;D I loooooove the last image. Living the life you imagine is the world's biggest challenge but also the world's biggest blessing. I'm so glad I'm living it!

  2. Ooh I love the life she imagined quote. I'm starting to realize that that's how life works - if you wait around for "someday", someday will never come. Instead, start actually stepping forward and LIVING the life you wish you were living and everything will start falling into place. :)

  3. what great quotes Putdar! I love it :) thanks for linking up and I hope you'll continue to do so on Sundays :)


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