music mondays

31 Jan 2012

As weird as it looks, I'm posting a Music Mondays post on a Tuesday afternoon. I just found out that Kristen has this link up in her blog, so I decided to join in. This week's theme is "Your top 5 favorite songs from a single artist or band". My songs would be those of Melee's. Do you know this band?

Melee Top 5 by Putri Dara Octora on Grooveshark


a reminder of the giveaway

30 Jan 2012

Just want to remind you that you still have approximately 25 hours to join the giveaway. You can win this cute Eiffel tower necklace. Yay! Click here to enter (Indonesia residents only).


i miss him like crazy

28 Jan 2012

Well, maybe not like crazy. I may not miss him at all. Maybe I'm just crazy because there are no news from him. The last time he texted me was 39 hours ago. 39 hours! That's the longest time I don't hear anything from him. It's driving me crazy. He told me that he would get his phone back on Sunday morning. Let's just hope that he will get it back as soon as possible.

I worry so much. With this wind blowing like crazy and trees and signs are falling, I'm afraid something bad could happen to him. Somebody calm me down, please... :'(


PS. I over-used the word 'crazy'. Oh, man...

i am sherlocked

27 Jan 2012

My desktop currently.

I've been watching the whole six episodes of Sherlock for two rounds in the past three days. It is healthy, isn't it?


this is what i'm honestly thinking at the moment

24 Jan 2012

Whenever I watch him saying goodbye to his family, I feel like I'm stealing him; like demanding him to choose between me and his family. He took me to his family house today, but he could only stay for a few hours just because I couldn't stay. He left his family only to bring me back to mine.

And what did I do yesterday? I yelled at him just because he used my laptop for Facebook-ing.

What the hell, Putdar?

i believe in him

23 Jan 2012


Last week, I was very surprised to read the news that Sherlock Holmes died. He jumped from the roof of the St Bartholomew's Hospital after being reported as a fraud by the media. There is no way that he was a fake. It was Richard Brook who was a fake. Brook was the real Moriarty. He played a trick on the media. All that he said was a big, nasty lie.

I believe in Sherlock Holmes. Moriarty was real and Richard Brook was a fraud. If you're with me, please join the tribute campaign.


"and no one is ever gonna love you more than i do..."

21 Jan 2012

Whenever I find out that my favourite song is covered by other artists, I usually go to YouTube to listen to the cover version. The same happens whenever I find out that my favourite song is, in fact, a cover (as happened in She & Him's Ridin' in My Car, which turned out to originally be NRBQ's song; and Meaghan Smith's Here Comes Your Man turned out to originally be Pixies').

I first listened to No One's Gonna Love You by Band of Horses in a mixtape I got from Kaelah. I instantly fell in love with it. Months later, I found out that the song was covered by Cee Lo Green. I searched YouTube for the song and it turns out that each version has its own official music video. I personally like the original version of the song, but I have to say that I like Cee Lo Green's video much better. It tells a story of a couple in a road trip after being kicked out from their house, while Band of Horses' version only shows a footage of the band playing in a show plus their daily life (including brushing teeth, showering, drinking, sleeping, and smashing bottles on each other's head). What's your say?


you've got mail!

19 Jan 2012


"The greatest feeling of being a blogger is when you receive heartful comments/emails from your readers."

I put this sentence as a status in The Nerdy Elephant's Facebook fan page on Monday. This is exactly what I'm feeling. Lately, my phone's been ringing every now and then, indicating that I've got new emails. They're all blog comments. I can't find the right way to say how I really love getting comments and emails from you. I've been feeling a little bit distressed in blogging, but your comments help a lot. Thank you for sticking with me through the thick and thin. Thank you for visiting my blog. Thank you for following. Thank you for your encouraging comments. I love you guys very much.


sticks and stones may break my bones

17 Jan 2012

I don't understand those people who keep saying "Don't be sad!" everytime they see me down. What? Being sad is humane. It's a learning process. I have all the rights to be sad and enjoy the sadness I am in.

Lately, every now and then, I'm trying to find something that can make me sad just because I haven't been in days. I listen to The Beatles, watch movies, re-read Deathly Hallows (chapter The Prince's Tale), and think about my 'dream deferred'. I feel the need to feel sad. That's normal, right? Wanting to be sad is like wanting to be happy, just the opposite. It's to create balance between them.

Ah... I'm rambling, friends. Pardon me.



16 Jan 2012

These words are wonderful. Whenever you're feeling negative, do the opposite.

It's an inspiration for boyish look.

This was me last week, when I had Statistics exam. I finished earlier than anybody. Still not sure, though. Haha!

Cute and warming colours. And I love coffee too! I'm thinking maybe I could change my blog's template to look like this a little bit, no?

This is just beautiful.


why do i blog?

15 Jan 2012

Last week, I got this comment on one of my posts:

Sadly, when I tried to reply to her comment (like I usually do to almost all comments I get), I couldn't find her email address because she is a ''. Her blogs are in Portuguese and I didn't recognise a single word. So, I would try to do my best to answer her question here in this post. (I actually kinda found it funny that at the same time, people started talking about why they blog and what language they use in their blog in this Facebook group. I haven't said anything in that group, but I think I'll answer it in this post too.)

First, why do I blog? I already said something about it in this post last year. I started this blog (named Putdar di Sini at that time) as a fulfillment of an assignment from my lecturer. He asked each student to have his/her own blog and to write there regularly. He also told us to follow each other's blog and comment on each other's posts. It only lasted one semester and then I abandoned this blog. One year after that, I started reading  blogs of Michelle (found it via Blogger's Blogs of Note) and Kaelah (found it via Michelle's blog). Inspired by them, I resurrected it from its comma and it has been going on until today.

Well, that was the history of this blog, actually; didn't answer the question "why do I blog?". Sorry...

So, why do I blog? I clearly don't look like other blogging ladies, because they're crafty, pretty, fashionable, inspiring, engaged (okay, not all of them), but I only look like a super boring college student, blogging about her boring life, how she procrastinates a lot, how she keeps running out of money, posting pictures of her doing weird faces (Afief actually said so), and blah blah blah...

But that's me. I'm trying to keep being honest here in my blog. I'm trying to document my life as honest as I can, so that someday (if Blogger decides to keep my blog for a long, long time) I can show it to my grandchildren and say "Look, honey. Gramma was such a bad college student. You must do better than me."

Another reason why I blog is to get overseas friends. I'm actually doing good. I can say that I have a couple of friends from other countries now. We're sending emails back and forth every now and then, and that's amazing!

And to answer Camile's question... I'm now on my third year studying English Education in a university. I choose to blog in English because I want to practice my English skills, particularly in writing. My English is not really that good, so I need to know if people can understand what I'm trying to say. And so far, I think I'm doing good because judging from people's comments, they can understand my version of English.

That's it. I hope this can answer your question, Camile. I really want to be friends with you, so if you could send me an e-mail (can be found in this page), that would be wonderful!

Oh and please answer this question in the comment box:
Do you think it's okay for me to keep putting up pictures of myself (particularly my face) in every post? Because Afief doesn't like it. And because he said so, I'm starting to feel a little bit worried about it. What do you think? Should I stop doing that? (Or maybe reducing it a little?)


On a different matter, yesterday we elected Afief the first president of BlowUP! He should've worn the crown, but he refused. So I put the crown on his head right when the camera started snapping. Sandi put the pictures as a gif in his blog. Check it out:

I sacrificed myself in that picture. My face can't be seen. Haha... But it was worth it, no? ;p

Congratulations, Afief!


the last day of the semester

13 Jan 2012

Putdar, Yunita, Aini, and Adisti finally finished their module just a minute before the deadline of submission. Cheers for us! :D

These girls finished their module too (with a little help from me, converting their listening files. I guess they just can't live without me, can they? :p)

Congratulations to all of the English Education students who finished their modules on time. I hereby declare that this is the end of my fifth semester as a college student. Yaaaaaayyyy for the holidaaaaaayyy! :D


it's a miracle :)

12 Jan 2012

Remember when I told you that I still got one final exam left? Later that night, I received this text from my classmate:

You might not understand the language, so here's the translation in English:
+ Assalamualaykum. Guys, the final exam for Intercom tomorrow is canceled.
- Srsly??

It's a miracle :)


eiffel tower necklace giveaway (closed!)

11 Jan 2012

What? Two posts in one day? This must be very important because I rarely do that now. You should expect something unexpected. And yes, it is unexpected because... THIS IS MY VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY! *insert excited claps here*

eiffel tower necklace
Up for grabs is this cute little necklace from e.l.s.v.

This giveaway is open for Indonesia residents only (international giveaways coming soon), so the rest of this post will be written in Bahasa Indonesia.


  • Follow The Nerdy Elephant via Google Friend Connect (caranya: klik "Follow" di sidebar) terus kasih tau saya kalo kamu udah follow dengan cara ninggalin komen.
  • Like Facebook page The Nerdy Elephant terus tinggalin nama FB kamu di komen.
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  • Tweet kalimat ini "Dapetin kalung Eiffel Tower dgn cara ikutan #giveaway di blognya @putdar :)" terus tinggalin user name Twitter kamu di komen.
  • Tulis tentang giveaway ini di blog kamu beserta link-nya. Kamu boleh pake gambar-gambar yang ada di sini. Udah gitu tinggalin komen yang berisi link ke postingan blog kamu itu.

Jangan lupa untuk nulis alamat email di tiap komen kamu ya? Biar saya bisa menghubungi kamu kalo kamu menang. Inget! Kamu harus ninggalin satu komen untuk setiap entry. Totalnya ada 5 cara untuk dapetin kalung Eiffel Tower ini. Partisipasi kamu ditunggu sampe tanggal 31 Januari 2012 aja. Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for participating! :)


finals week: day 3

la photo cabine

Your nerdy elephant girl just finished her English for Business final exam. Let's just hope that she didn't mess up in anwering all those tricky questions, shall we?

You go, nerdy elephant girl! One more exam and one more final project left!


an ordinary story about being a college student

9 Jan 2012

college student

Dark circles and bags under the eyes are unavoidable. I finished my mini research and went to bed at 3 AM this morning. I woke up at 6.30, took a bath, dressed up, and went to the campus to submit it because the deadline is at 8 AM. At 8.50, I had my very first exam in this finals week: Teaching Media. Right after that, at 10.40, I had ESP Material Development's exam. Boy am I so exhausted. Yet I still can't go back to bed yet because I have to finish my team's module.

Sometimes I wonder why I go to college...

Raise your glass. Here's to the struggling for a better future.


procrastinating at its finest

6 Jan 2012

It's 12.48am and I'm currently on 375 out of 4000 words I should write for my Intercultural Communication's mini research. This afternoon I finished the final project for Teaching Evaluation slightly before the deadline (or so I thought). The exams week is just around the corner, so I know exactly that I should be studying and/or finishing those assignments.

But... yeah. I decided to watch a movie instead. For the umpteenth time this week. This time, it's What's Your Number?.

what's your number?

I love Anna Faris' voice. And Chris Evan's body is just so... WOW! The story itself is easy to guess. I can't say that it's the best movie but it can do just fine. Visit the source of the poster to read the review.

Now, I really need to refill my cup of cappuccino and go back to doing my mini research. Bye now!


PS. Did I mention that Chris Evan's body is, like, WOW?

a game of shadows

4 Jan 2012

sherlock holmes 2 a game of shadows

Have you seen this movie? Well you should! Saw this on Monday with Mr Boyfriend and it was really, really awesome!


new year = new project

1 Jan 2012

Hello! Happy new year, y'all! In this first day in 2012, I would like to introduce you to my new project called Putdar Everyday!

Inspired by ^this^ article in Gogirl! Magazine, I decided to follow the path of Noah Kalina who takes a picture of his face everyday for eleven years (2000 - now) and post them in a blog. I will start taking pictures today. Isn't it fun to have 366 pictures of your face with a same expression at the end of the year? :)

Okay. Now let's move on to another thing. I know most of you may have seen this video, but I really want to share it here in my blog.

The two are wonderful! And I'm with the 99% of the world population who think that they can make a very cute couple. Are you with me? ;)

I decided to just go with the name The Nerdy Elephant. Why? Because I love it very much! Everybody in the blogosphere will agree that I'm the first one who came up with the name. I don't care about that guy. Let's just see who will be the nerdiest elephant :)