runaway train

This post is image heavy.

Sorry for the unplanned hiatus. I never intended to stay away for too long from this blog, but my mind couldn't come up with anything to put on here. Sorry, sorry, sorry. College had taken its toll on me (again). All these stuffs about ABS keep driving me mad over and over again. After one problem, comes another one.

Monday night, I came home to a very tidy room. My mum tidied it up because she knew that I didn't have time to do that lately. I realised I didn't have time for myself in the whole November. So, I decided to take a train to Jakarta, all by myself because this might be the ultimate 'me-time' I really needed.

Tuesday night, accompanied by Day, I bought a ticket to Gambir plus a return ticket. And yesterday, I boarded the train.

I should do this more often. Going somewhere alone helps me thinking. Sometimes it's good to go to where your heart wants to go; away from anybody who tells you what to do.

What's your favourite get away?


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