on cussing on twitter

13 Dec 2011

If you're following me on Twitter, you might see some tweets where I complained about several things last night. I do believe that it's okay to blurt out negativity in social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. It's fine; as long as you know when to stop. It's alright to let out one negative tweet or two; but don't bitch all the time (I have a friend who complains in every single tweet she writes and I know that everybody would agree if I said that she is unfollowable). You must keep in mind that while you have all the rights to tweet whatever you want, your followers have all the rights to have their timelines free from negativity.

So, cuss whenever you think it's necessary (don't mind those haters!); but never too much.

And to kick all these negative thoughts out of my mind (and yours), I close this post with this song. It's my favourite one to listen to whenever I feel like a downer. Enjoy! :)


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  1. i have to agree - and say i'm guilty of unfollowing people on twitter when they're too profane or too negative. i dont need to have to see it whenever i log on.

    and i'm your newest follower!


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