insha Allah

Years ago, I was playing skipping with my friends when I fell down and skinned my knee on a big rock. I immediately went to a mosque near by and cleaned the wound with water, then went back to playing. I didn't feel the pain back then, not until I came home. Right when I entered my house, the wound started to burn and it hurt like hell. I cried and my mum checked the wound. She asked me why I didn't go home right after I got the wound and I told her that it didn't hurt when I was playing. She then told me that when you were happy, your brain was too busy being happy that it didn't notice the hurt going on in your body.

Perhaps what my mum said was right. Perhaps we wouldn't feel pain if we were happy. Perhaps all this fatigue, pain, temporary hopelessness, etc., would disappear if I keep in mind that I'm doing this for the sake of future happiness. It's what I'm going to build and fill my home with.

Perhaps if I keep trying hard, keep fighting for it, then God will understand how much and how bad I want it. Perhaps He will grant all my wishes. I do believe in Him. Insha Allah.