i'm taking a break from the reality

Some people I know say that it is not good to overthink about the future. I know I should really stop worrying and just embrace whatever the future might bring, but I'm not that kind of person. I believe that the future is built by what I did in the past and what I do today.

Every night for the past few weeks, I go to bed very tired and uneasy. I don't sleep well and wake up every morning even more tired. I keep getting headaches every now and then. I know quite well that my body is in its full condition and that the headaches are actually the result of my ineffective night sleeps.

I've been thinking about the reason why I've been so weary. And this morning I came up with a conclusion that perhaps I think about the future too much. I'm afraid that all my past mistakes cannot be changed and that they could keep me away from the future I have designed.

It's breaking my heart to see all these things falling apart. What will you do if you know that something's gonna end soon?