good bye, 2011! hello, 2012!


I still remember spending new year's eve of 2011 at Ipa's house like it was just last night. But then... KABOOM! It's December 31st again! Where did the time go?

2011 has been fun. Well of course I have my ups and downs, but looking back, it's not really that bad. This year, I have experienced:
+ losing my wallet (and getting it back intactly)
+ writing so too many blog posts in February, March, and April
+ writing an unsual motivational post
+ being the coordinator of Scrabble Competition in AECS 2011
+ going to Mr Boyfriend's house for the very first time and visiting Taman Bunga Nusantara
+ joining BlowUP! and then going to Jakarta and Bekasi with them
+ changing le blog's name from Sincerely, Putdar. to The Nerdy Elephant
+ getting stuck in the worst traffic jam ever
going back to Lampung with Mr Boyfriend for the Nationwide E-Fest 2011
+ turning 20
+ being very, very busy during November and December, preparing NATION

2011 has given me a lot adventures. I feel I have grown up a little during these past 365 days. May 2012 be better for all of us :)

And as for my resolutions... Well, I'm not that kind of person who can stick with her resolutions. I will surely forget them as soon as the calender turns into February. But I have succesfully fulfilled my 2011 resolution (yes, it's only one): wearing a better headscarf. The unpractical one. I realised that to be able to fulfill resolutions, I need to make them as simple as possible. So, for 2012, I wish I could:
+ be able to control my anger (my inability to control it has put me through a lot of troubles, actually)
+ try to eat healthy
+ try to be strict with money
+ be more fashionable and learn how to do make up better
+ try to stop procrastinating
+ start planning my final paper

Okay. They're not that simple, but I will try to fulfill all of them. I'll do it one step at a time ;)

I hope you have a wonderful new year's eve. How are you going to celebrate it? I myself will stay at home, watching good movies in TV while eating ice cream and drinking Fanta with my family. We're not going anywhere because Bandung will be very, very hectic with all those people from Jakarta celebrating new year's eve here. (I don't understand them. They have their own fantastic city yet they still want to invade my city.)

Happy new year!