good bye, 2011! hello, 2012!

31 Dec 2011


I still remember spending new year's eve of 2011 at Ipa's house like it was just last night. But then... KABOOM! It's December 31st again! Where did the time go?

2011 has been fun. Well of course I have my ups and downs, but looking back, it's not really that bad. This year, I have experienced:
+ losing my wallet (and getting it back intactly)
+ writing so too many blog posts in February, March, and April
+ writing an unsual motivational post
+ being the coordinator of Scrabble Competition in AECS 2011
+ going to Mr Boyfriend's house for the very first time and visiting Taman Bunga Nusantara
+ joining BlowUP! and then going to Jakarta and Bekasi with them
+ changing le blog's name from Sincerely, Putdar. to The Nerdy Elephant
+ getting stuck in the worst traffic jam ever
going back to Lampung with Mr Boyfriend for the Nationwide E-Fest 2011
+ turning 20
+ being very, very busy during November and December, preparing NATION

2011 has given me a lot adventures. I feel I have grown up a little during these past 365 days. May 2012 be better for all of us :)

And as for my resolutions... Well, I'm not that kind of person who can stick with her resolutions. I will surely forget them as soon as the calender turns into February. But I have succesfully fulfilled my 2011 resolution (yes, it's only one): wearing a better headscarf. The unpractical one. I realised that to be able to fulfill resolutions, I need to make them as simple as possible. So, for 2012, I wish I could:
+ be able to control my anger (my inability to control it has put me through a lot of troubles, actually)
+ try to eat healthy
+ try to be strict with money
+ be more fashionable and learn how to do make up better
+ try to stop procrastinating
+ start planning my final paper

Okay. They're not that simple, but I will try to fulfill all of them. I'll do it one step at a time ;)

I hope you have a wonderful new year's eve. How are you going to celebrate it? I myself will stay at home, watching good movies in TV while eating ice cream and drinking Fanta with my family. We're not going anywhere because Bandung will be very, very hectic with all those people from Jakarta celebrating new year's eve here. (I don't understand them. They have their own fantastic city yet they still want to invade my city.)

Happy new year!


the good and the bad news regarding this little blog o' mine

30 Dec 2011

Check out the address bar in your browser!

Yes, my friend! is now simply :D

However, I still find an error when opening (without the 'www') in Chrome, but the address works perfectly fine in Firefox. The old address still works, though. If you open this blog via the old url, you will be redirected to the new one.

That, my friend, is the good news.

The bad news is... well, yesterday I googled 'the nerdy elephant' (like I always do whenever I'm bored). This blog was still dominating the first page, but there was a Facebook fanpage which had a different description than mine. So I checked it out. Turned out someone had a website called The Nerdy Elephant. The site is brand new and still has nothing in it. My heart is broken. Completely broken.

So I might change the name of this blog. Again. Very soon.

I'm still thinking a new name, the one that (hopefully) could be a permanent name for this blog. I don't want to confuse my readers and followers, but since that person who has The Nerdy Elephant website seems serious about it (they even bought a .com), I think I should be the one who takes a step back.

I'm so sad. I got the name by thinking about it very carefully with Entin. I had done some research first by googling various names (like 'the dancing elephant', 'the jumping elephant', etc.) before settling down on 'the nerdy elephant'. Why didn't that person do some research before deciding to use it? :(

Now, do you have any suggestion as to what I should name this blog? (Or if you have any suggestion regarding The Nerdy Elephant)


PS. NATION was a huge success! Gonna post about is as soon as I get the pictures from Richo (I was so busy that I didn't get the chance to take pictures). In the meantime, you can see some pictures over at Dini's blog or at NATION's official Tumblr :)

i'm taking a break from the reality

26 Dec 2011

Some people I know say that it is not good to overthink about the future. I know I should really stop worrying and just embrace whatever the future might bring, but I'm not that kind of person. I believe that the future is built by what I did in the past and what I do today.

Every night for the past few weeks, I go to bed very tired and uneasy. I don't sleep well and wake up every morning even more tired. I keep getting headaches every now and then. I know quite well that my body is in its full condition and that the headaches are actually the result of my ineffective night sleeps.

I've been thinking about the reason why I've been so weary. And this morning I came up with a conclusion that perhaps I think about the future too much. I'm afraid that all my past mistakes cannot be changed and that they could keep me away from the future I have designed.

It's breaking my heart to see all these things falling apart. What will you do if you know that something's gonna end soon?


three more days!

25 Dec 2011

Yesss, people!
Only three days left until this event!


dance, dance!

19 Dec 2011

Whoa! Where did the time go? It's already the 19th! It means that there are only 9 days left until NATION (the ABS event). My Lord!

And this afternoon, we practiced the dance for the flashmob, which is going to be held at the end of the event. Boy was it very tiring! I hadn't done any exercise in three weeks, so I found it hard to catch my breath after the dancing practice. But it was fun!

But I don't think that my gladiator sandals found the practice fun too. Hehe...


insha Allah

18 Dec 2011

Years ago, I was playing skipping with my friends when I fell down and skinned my knee on a big rock. I immediately went to a mosque near by and cleaned the wound with water, then went back to playing. I didn't feel the pain back then, not until I came home. Right when I entered my house, the wound started to burn and it hurt like hell. I cried and my mum checked the wound. She asked me why I didn't go home right after I got the wound and I told her that it didn't hurt when I was playing. She then told me that when you were happy, your brain was too busy being happy that it didn't notice the hurt going on in your body.

Perhaps what my mum said was right. Perhaps we wouldn't feel pain if we were happy. Perhaps all this fatigue, pain, temporary hopelessness, etc., would disappear if I keep in mind that I'm doing this for the sake of future happiness. It's what I'm going to build and fill my home with.

Perhaps if I keep trying hard, keep fighting for it, then God will understand how much and how bad I want it. Perhaps He will grant all my wishes. I do believe in Him. Insha Allah.


table manner class

16 Dec 2011

Yesterday I had a table manner course as a part of Intercultural Communication class. Actually, I already knew most of the rules, so I just want to comment on the food here. Well, it was oh so wow! Unfortunately, I couldn't take pictures of all the food. I just took the one with the main course in it. It was beef steak. It was a yummy beef steak. I love meat!

My main course

Me and my main course (see how happy I was?)

Me and my table mates


what to do when the power goes out

14 Dec 2011

+ light a candle
+ lie on your back, look at the ceiling
+ draw silly (imaginary) pictures on the ceiling using a laser pointer
+ make a confession
+ fall asleep and don't wake up until the alarm goes off (or until the power is on again)


on cussing on twitter

13 Dec 2011

If you're following me on Twitter, you might see some tweets where I complained about several things last night. I do believe that it's okay to blurt out negativity in social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. It's fine; as long as you know when to stop. It's alright to let out one negative tweet or two; but don't bitch all the time (I have a friend who complains in every single tweet she writes and I know that everybody would agree if I said that she is unfollowable). You must keep in mind that while you have all the rights to tweet whatever you want, your followers have all the rights to have their timelines free from negativity.

So, cuss whenever you think it's necessary (don't mind those haters!); but never too much.

And to kick all these negative thoughts out of my mind (and yours), I close this post with this song. It's my favourite one to listen to whenever I feel like a downer. Enjoy! :)


is this for real???

12 Dec 2011

I just logged in to my account and this is what I found. IS THIS THE REAL LIFE??? (Or is this just fantasy?)


days go by

11 Dec 2011

This is true. I should stop fooling around and start paying more atention to all these assignments I should finish ASAP: ESP's module, English for Business' texts, Intercom's mini research, and yada yada yada...


30 before 30 (part 1)

4 Dec 2011

I once had this wish of traveling Indonesia alone before I turned 20. Sadly, I failed. I only managed to visit very few cities in West Java, Yogyakarta, Lampung, and South Sumatera. It wasn't enough. Plus, I didn't visit those places alone. That's double fail, I guess.

So, here I am, in the beginning of my 20s, taking the pledge that I, Putdar, will do these 30 things before I turn 30. Here's part one of my 30 before 30 list:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 }

1) Board a train to Yogyakarta
2) Daydream at Belitung's finest beach
3) Drive a car past midnight in New York City
4) Go on a vacation to Seoul
5) Ride a bike around Den Haag
6) Live in Surrey and work in London at least for one year
7) Go to Koln (and perhaps set a meetup with Nadine?)
8) Take some pictures of myself doing weird faces in front of the Sphinx
9) Watch Hey Monday, Boys Like Girls, The All-American Rejects, Lifehouse, etc. perform LIVE in the USA
(all of which I'll do alone)

"I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly. I'll do what it takes till I touch the sky."


bedroom pinspirations

3 Dec 2011

This morning I woke up kinda late and thought that it was Sunday. I rarely get the chance to wake up late on Saturdays, but this week is different because I don't have to go to campus this Saturday. Yaaay!

So I spend most of the afternoon browsing through Pinterest, and so far I've got some interesting bedroom decors. Check them out!





Someday, I may get my own room (or even my own house!) and I will arrange the furniture like my heart wants it to be. Hahaha! Anyway, if you have a Pinterest account, will you kindly follow me please? :)

Have a great weekend!


PS. I have new supporters. Check them out! ;)

runaway train

1 Dec 2011

This post is image heavy.

Sorry for the unplanned hiatus. I never intended to stay away for too long from this blog, but my mind couldn't come up with anything to put on here. Sorry, sorry, sorry. College had taken its toll on me (again). All these stuffs about ABS keep driving me mad over and over again. After one problem, comes another one.

Monday night, I came home to a very tidy room. My mum tidied it up because she knew that I didn't have time to do that lately. I realised I didn't have time for myself in the whole November. So, I decided to take a train to Jakarta, all by myself because this might be the ultimate 'me-time' I really needed.

Tuesday night, accompanied by Day, I bought a ticket to Gambir plus a return ticket. And yesterday, I boarded the train.