no weekend for me

13 Nov 2011

No jokin', seriously. On Friday, I had an audition; yesterday (Saturday), I had another audition; and today I wrote the script in the morning, and finishing my Teaching Evaluation in the afternoon. Let's just hope that my body will NOT give up in this time of the semester. No, body, not now!

Kay. I'm going to bed. See you very soon! Remember, you have to make the most of the remaining of the weekend.


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  1. Good luck!!!! Hope it all goes well!

    Stopping by from FTLOB :-)

  2. Good luck!! Hope for great things to happen for you!


  3. Good luck. I hope it all works out for you!

  4. All the best! Don't think about getting sick - sometimes that works very well for me!!

    I'll totally keep my fingers crossed for you that everything works out the best!!

    Have a happy week, despite all the hectic events.

    Love, Nadine


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