new found camera app

As you might have known, I love love LOVE taking pictures! Anywhere, anytime, I take pictures. Unfortunately, I don't have a good camera, let alone DSLR. I only use my phone's camera to take pictures you can find here in this little blog. My current phone is Sony Ericsson X8 and the camera is disappointing. It doesn't have flash, doesn't support zoom, and there's no auto focus so it's hard to take a picture of texts. But the good news is that my phone is an Android phone, so I can download some apps that can make the most of my camera. I have shared MyTubo and Retro Camera before. Now, let me introduce you to FxCamera!

Boyan looks chubby :p

There are actually more effects in this app, but I only got the time to use the Toycam and the Polandroid effects. I'm currently in ESP Material Development class (not listening to the teacher. Oops!) so I'll try other effects later.

Do you use Android phone? What are interesting apps that you think I should try?