a hard day's night

Oh yeah, I stole that from The Beatles. I cannot say that I love them, but I do love some of their songs which are covered by other singers; like a cover of If I Fell by Maroon 5 and a cover of In My Life by Matt Scannell.

But, no, this post isn't going to talk about The Beatles, Maroon 5, or Matt Scannell. It's just that... it really is a hard day's night. I had a very hard day today. Gotta go to classes and finish the script for scene 7 and 8, plus there was a case of misundertanding (again. Gosh!) I had to leave the FPBS building at 8 PM. I had never stayed in that building that late. I don't have any problem with that, actually; my problem is the parking lot, which was covered by a complete darkness.

Anywhoo, I had so much fun today. I watched The Lake House with some (new!) friends from ELF; had so much laugh with them, even though the movie itself was really touching. And then I also had dinner with Mr Boyfriend and his friends at Javan Steak, Sulanjana.

I learnt a lot of lessons today. One of them was that even in the darkest night, dawn will finally come. I am blessed with so many friends (old and new) who are very supportive. I love them :)

Now, let's go to sleep while we can ;)