eid al adha

7 Nov 2011

Eid mubarak, people! :)

This year, Eid al Adha was on Sunday, 6th of November. Praise the Lord, this Eid al Adha my family had the money to sacrifice 1/7 of a cow. It was kinda sad to watch the cow being sacrificed, but it was for the sake of religious service. The cow died for a greater good. I hope God accepts our sacrifices and put all the cows, goats, sheeps, camels, etc., in heaven. Amen :)


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  1. ituuu..foto terakhir, korban qurban juga kah? :DDD

  2. Eeeek, that was shocking. ;-)

    Still, thanks for sharing that with us. I love to learn about you.

    Have a happy week. xo.

  3. Hey, Eid Mubarak, nice blog... Your so lucky to be living in a close community. I miss that, I am in toronto, Canada, we didn't have alot of people to share our sacrifice with :(

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