the liebster blog award!

23 Nov 2011

I am so glad to announce that I got the Liebster blog award from Glo of Glo Sews! It is an award to recognise new blogs and blogs with less than 200 followers. Glo actually had contacted me a long, long time ago, but I didn't have the chance to list my top 5 favourite blogs that meet the requirement for this award (I've been very, very busy lately).

Now, it's time for me to pass the award to 5 other blogs. They are:

Here's what the winners should do:
+ Copy and paste the award to your blog
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Thank you, Glo!


PS. I have another award to share later :D

something to brighten up your day (as it did to mine)

22 Nov 2011

Hello! So, apparently this week is a little bit less busy for me. Why, you may ask? Because I got the chance to watch two movies already. Isn't it great? Yesterday I watched Dorian Gray (which is very, very good) and today I watched Gnomeo & Juliet. I also got the chance to browse through YouTube and found some good music videos. I'll share one of them here. It is a song by The Weepies. I think it's cute. What do you think? ;)


weekend to-do list

19 Nov 2011

My activity this Saturday

This Sunday is for:
+ waking up as late as possible
+ staying in bed as long as possible

Oh yeah...


out of my bubble

17 Nov 2011

These past weeks I have wandered too far from my comfort zone. Honestly, I'm a socially awkward girl. I don't quite like to make new friends; I enjoy having just a small circle of friend. I prefer working alone to working in a group; if I really have to work in a group, I tend to work with those I already know. But in this ABS (Language and Arts Appreciation) project, where we have to create a show, I'm in the creative team with ten other people; eight of whom I didn't know very well. The creative team also have a very hard job to find/create the concept for the show, to conduct the practices, to decide what properties are going to be used, and such stuffs. For these past two weeks, I have to go home very, very late and I also have other assignments. I am so busy; I am so tired. But I keep trying to enjoy it. I have never been in a creative before and I didn't know that the job of the team would be this hard, but I try to enjoy it. The team is actually very solid and supportive. I love how I could easily fit in with them (who are majorly from the English Literature study programme).

I have pushed myself so hard to be away from my 'bubble', that comfort zone I have always been in. And it actually breaks my heart to see those people (outside of the creative team) who cannot be willing to get out of their comfort zone too for the sake of the show. I am very aware to the fact that our work is not perfect, but it really tore my heart to hear them say that our work was a 'bullshit'. I'm mad; I want to swing a wrecking ball. They have apologised and I have forgiven them. But I cannot lie; I forgive but never forget.

That day, I lost my respect for a lot of people.

I told myself that no matter how messed up the situation was, no matter how messed up my head was, I had to stay positive. No matter how hard that day was, I still tweeted positive things, cheering myself up, telling myself to never give up. But once again, someone threw stone at my head. Someone I called a friend sarcasticly tweeted something that made me upset. They didn't mention me but I know the tweet was for me (hey, haven't I told you that I have a very strong intuition?) I just didn't know that tweeting positive thoughts was bad. Perhaps I have to just rant and blurt it all on Twitter every time I'm upset. Is that how the society works? Do I miss something here?

They, of course, said that the tweet wasn't for me. Oh well...

Last Eid al Fitr, I told myself to stop hating. I had always been a hater of a lot of things, a lot of people, but now I realise that I cannot be friends with everybody. Haters and enemies are unavoidable. It's okay to hate, it's okay to dislike; as long as I don't forget to love those who deserve to be loved.

So, haters: There. I said it. This is your favourite part because, yes, I am really, really mad. And now you have something real to talk about, no?


PS. We just finished the script. Yay! :D

a hard day's night

15 Nov 2011

Oh yeah, I stole that from The Beatles. I cannot say that I love them, but I do love some of their songs which are covered by other singers; like a cover of If I Fell by Maroon 5 and a cover of In My Life by Matt Scannell.

But, no, this post isn't going to talk about The Beatles, Maroon 5, or Matt Scannell. It's just that... it really is a hard day's night. I had a very hard day today. Gotta go to classes and finish the script for scene 7 and 8, plus there was a case of misundertanding (again. Gosh!) I had to leave the FPBS building at 8 PM. I had never stayed in that building that late. I don't have any problem with that, actually; my problem is the parking lot, which was covered by a complete darkness.

Anywhoo, I had so much fun today. I watched The Lake House with some (new!) friends from ELF; had so much laugh with them, even though the movie itself was really touching. And then I also had dinner with Mr Boyfriend and his friends at Javan Steak, Sulanjana.

I learnt a lot of lessons today. One of them was that even in the darkest night, dawn will finally come. I am blessed with so many friends (old and new) who are very supportive. I love them :)

Now, let's go to sleep while we can ;)


no weekend for me

13 Nov 2011

No jokin', seriously. On Friday, I had an audition; yesterday (Saturday), I had another audition; and today I wrote the script in the morning, and finishing my Teaching Evaluation in the afternoon. Let's just hope that my body will NOT give up in this time of the semester. No, body, not now!

Kay. I'm going to bed. See you very soon! Remember, you have to make the most of the remaining of the weekend.


audition: day 1

11 Nov 2011

It's been a long, long day, my friend. We had an audition for the play. It began at 2pm and ended at 7pm. Five long hours, whoa! But I'm still alive. And it's not gonna get easier, at least until January. I even have to go to campus tomorrow (which is a Saturday!) because we're going to have the second audition. Not to mention that I haven't done the assignment for Teaching Evaluation. Lord, help meeeeeeeeee!

Anyway, have a great weekend, friends! If you have tons of assignments, please, please, please, don't procrastinate...


le brief update from le busy college girl

9 Nov 2011

I'm feeling cute today cause I wear that blue ribbon. See? Hehe...

It's a crazy week for this elephant girl. It's the midterm test week and I had a deadline for ABS play script last night (which I finished right on time). Woot, woot, woot! But worry no more, baby, cause I had had the last midterm test this morning. Well, I'm actually exaggerating the term "midterm test week" cause I, in fact, only had to take two midterm tests this semester. But still, there are tons of substitute assignments. So, off I go to do the assignment for Teaching Evaluation...


"what do you fear, my lady?"

7 Nov 2011

"A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age accept them and all chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire."
—Lady Éowyn

You might not know that sometimes I'm jealous with people who leave their family and hometown to study in a good university in a big city. I feel that leaving all the people you love and the comfort of your home to live in a strange place, surrounded by strangers, is a step toward maturity. I was born and has been living in a big city all my life. I don't know how it feels to leave my family and my bed to live in another city semi-permanently. I feel that I miss one step toward maturity.

I fear that I have come to be spoiled by the comfort of big city. Everything I want is available here. I'm so used to living in an easy way that I fear I may not be able to survive if one day I have to leave it all.

I once had this resolution of going out of town all by myself before I turn 20; take train and go to Yogyakarta or somewhere farther. It's so sad that I'm 20 now and I haven't even gone to Cimahi alone. My biggest obstacle is, of course, my parents. They will not let me go without company.

Things may not change before I get married. My parents are the ones who are responsible for me until then. And after I get married, it will be my husband. My problem is if my husband doesn't let me go, I can't go. I will be forever inside the cage.

I want to know how it feels to live in another town all by myself. I want to have a small house with a big garden. I want to taste that kind of freedom. And by freedom, I don't mean partying and drinking like crazy. Freedom for me is being alone, doing what I love. It's a simple dream but it's so hard to pursue.

Can I leave the cage?


eid al adha

Eid mubarak, people! :)

This year, Eid al Adha was on Sunday, 6th of November. Praise the Lord, this Eid al Adha my family had the money to sacrifice 1/7 of a cow. It was kinda sad to watch the cow being sacrificed, but it was for the sake of religious service. The cow died for a greater good. I hope God accepts our sacrifices and put all the cows, goats, sheeps, camels, etc., in heaven. Amen :)


this is how i wasted my saturday

5 Nov 2011

This morning I dressed up and wore a very special piece. It was that batik shirt Mr Boyfriend gave me for my 20th birthday a few days ago. I thought it was going to be a special day because I was going to a job interview. I applied for an English teacher position in a course institution for elementary school students. The office was not too far from my house. It was only 10 minutes by motorbike. I arrived there at 10 am.

I was greeted by a young man who looked like a receptionist. He stood behind a desk which was supposed to be the front desk, but it was empty. There was only a telephone. No computer, no sheets of paper, no sign. There wasn't even the institution's logo behind the 'front desk'. There were only the man and a telephone. I told him I was there for the interview. He gave me a form and told me to fill it, but he didn't give me a pen; I had to use mine.

While I was trying to fill the form, he kept asking me about nearby elementary schools. I patiently answered his questions, trying not to be rude because he might become my co-worker. When he finally left me alone, I finished filling the form and a girl came from inside the office and greeted me. She introduced herself as Intan. She was there for applying for the position too, but she had been interviewed. She took my form and brought it inside, and then came out again with an older man. The man then asked Intan to go to find nearby elementary schools with another man. After they went, the man greeted me and interviewed me.

At first, I was very nervous because job interviews aren't really my stuffs. I had only gone throught it once. But as he asked me questions, I found some odd things about the institution. It turned out that the institution, which had been there since one year ago, didn't have any students. I was like, Okay, that's weird... but I played along. He asked me when I had free times. I said I was free on Tue-Wed-Thur's afternoons. He asked me if I was free on weekends. I said Saturdays were fine, but Sundays weren't. He looked disappointed and assured me that they would need me on Sundays too, so I said yes.

And then, I was very surprised when he said "As I've told you before, our institution currently doesn't have any students. I know when you walked in to this building you were expecting to teach children, right? But we currently don't have any. We'd be very glad if you're willing to help us promote our institution. Of course without payment. Our staff members can only be paid by the money we get from students, but we don't have students right now. Therefore, we can't pay you unless we get students."

He was saying that I had to work without getting paid until they got students, which I didn't know when. Wait, what???

I don't want to be hypocrite here, but the reason why I applied for the job in the first place was to get money. He asked me if I could work there without getting paid. The answer, mister, was NO. I'm not going to waste my time for uncertain things like that, of course. Dear Lord...

It was such a waste of 30 minutes!


new found camera app

2 Nov 2011

As you might have known, I love love LOVE taking pictures! Anywhere, anytime, I take pictures. Unfortunately, I don't have a good camera, let alone DSLR. I only use my phone's camera to take pictures you can find here in this little blog. My current phone is Sony Ericsson X8 and the camera is disappointing. It doesn't have flash, doesn't support zoom, and there's no auto focus so it's hard to take a picture of texts. But the good news is that my phone is an Android phone, so I can download some apps that can make the most of my camera. I have shared MyTubo and Retro Camera before. Now, let me introduce you to FxCamera!

Boyan looks chubby :p

There are actually more effects in this app, but I only got the time to use the Toycam and the Polandroid effects. I'm currently in ESP Material Development class (not listening to the teacher. Oops!) so I'll try other effects later.

Do you use Android phone? What are interesting apps that you think I should try?