money (+some other) issues

I know it would sound like an old song if I told you that I need to be more strict about my spending spree, but God knows I do! I really do. I could spend more than IDR20,000 for food per day. You see, I don't live in a dorm, so that's a quite big amount of food money. It happens because I rarely eat at home. If I force myself to have breakfast before leaving for classes, I think I could save IDR5,000 per day more or less.

I also need to be more organised at stuffs. I have to create a weekly schedule for doing the laundry. I have to tidy up my burrow. I have to rearrange my college stuffs (I can't find my little notebook and that's depressing!). I have to tune my guitar. I have to clean my netbook's desktop from unnecessary icons.

Most of all, I need to reformat my mind.

Yeah. Let's try this.