i'm officially 20 years young now

On October 26, I woke up to this note lying on my door:

Yes. That day wasn't only my 2nd anniversary with Mr Boyfriend, but also my 20th birthday. I'm so thrilled that I'm already on my 20s right now. Man oh man, I'm no longer a teenager. Haha!

The day was quite normal. I had to go classes and BlowUP! weekly meeting. Little did I know, my friends from BlowUP! and Mr Boyfriend had planned a surprise for me. I was talking on the phone with Mr Boyfriend's mum, and when we finished talking, I turned around and they shouted "Happy birthday!" They had this little cake with a candle, and two presents: one from BlowUP! and the other from Mr Boyfriend. The gang gave me an elephant and Mr Boyfriend gave me a batik shirt, which matches his own shirt. Haha!

Thank you, guys! I love you!!!


PS. I got another award. I'll post about them as soon as possible :D