guess what day it is!

Yesss, baby... It's my blog's birhtday. Yaaay!!! :D

Exactly two years ago, I created my very first post. I started this blog to fulfill the requirement in Bahasa Indonesia class so at first I wrote it in Bahasa. I abandoned it as soon as I got my A on the subject (circa January 2010). But, I resurrected it from its death in September 2010, so the hiatus was approximately eight months. Its name has changed from "Putdar di Sini" to "Sincerely, Putdar." and finally to "The Nerdy Elephant".

Some of my headers during the two years (I love headers!)

Unfortunately, I can't throw a party for you, little blog. But of course this calls for a toast:

So, once again:
Happy birthday, love!
Thanks for being a place to share my silly everyday life. You are wonderful. I am working on making you even more wonderful. I love you! <3