a confession: i fall in love again

26 Oct 2011

For all the twenty years of my life, I have never felt this way before. I have told myself a million times not to put myself in big trouble, to just play safe and carefully. But right now I feel like I'm not me anymore. I'm not the one I used to be. And now I have a confession to make:
I fall in love again.
With the same boy.
I fall in love again and again.
For the past two years.

Happy anniversary, Ayek! Two years of laughters. Two years of adventures. Two years of love. Two years of togetherness.
Two years and going strong.
I love you. 


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  1. How wonderful to be young and in love. I hope it last you a lifetime!

    I have awarded you The Liebster Blog Award. Please visit my blog to copy the award. Congratulations!
    Glo at glosews

  2. Eeek, everything looks so shiny and new around here. I really love the new design, great work!! :)

    Ah, and congrats to that anniversary! I'm happy for you that you are happy. :) That heart out of pictures is just sooo sweet.

    Here's to a happy weekend. XO.


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