oh hi!

Hello! I realised I haven't posted anything since Saturday. I know, I know. I'm having that blogger block moment again. I can't really say that I'm busy. The semester just started last week, so I don't have real homework yet. I'm just... still a little bit frustated because of something which happened last week. It's still bothering me, littering my thought. I really wish I could just write it here, pour my thoughts and feelings about it, but that's not my intention when I first created this blog. No, that's what my Tumblr is for. Haha!

Talkin' bout Tumblr... I wonder why it's so easy for me to get more followers in Tumblr than in Blogger. I have, like, 60-ish followers there (not a big number, but still...) but only 50 followers here. So, if you're reading this but not a follower yet, could you please click that little "Follow" button? It only takes several clicks. You won't be sorry, I promise. Haha... ;p

Anyway, right now I'm in KFC, downloading some things via the WiFi connection (KFC has the best WiFi connection in town. Woohoo!). And... I have Entin here with me. She's reading Madre.

Le chill in KFC

Kay. Nuff rambling. See you! :D