my, my...

See? I'm gone again! I didn't even post Quoted Saturday this week. What have I done? Why do I keep neglecting my sweet little blog?

Kay. I think I need to take a deep breath now... *sigh*

I'll try to go back to write on daily basis about my boring life. Cheer me up, universe!!!

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I won this giveaway at Punk Projects. The prize is a set of postcards from Alla Fironova. On Thursday, the cards finally arrived at my door. Here they are:

They all are pretty. And yes, I think I can smell Europe on them! Thank you, Alla :)

Also, I want to tell you that sponsorship for October is opened! Do you want to do a button swap with me? Visit this page for more info.

And one more thing before I go... I finally become an author of! My first writing is up on the site. It's in Indonesian, but that's why they created Google Translate, right? ;D