"sing a new song, chiquitita!"

I used to be a singer back when I was in kindergarten and elementary school. I won some singing contests. Never the first place, but still I got the trophies.

Little Putdar singing in her kindergarten graduation day

10-year-old Putdar singing in a competition in which she won the third place

(If you notice, I wore the same dress in those pictures. That was my favourite dress. My mum bought it when I was in kindergarten and the last time I wore it was when I was in the fourth grade. The dress is now in my wardrobe, waiting for the day when I pass it to my daughter :) )

I stopped singing when I was in junior high school. My voice changed. Now nobody would believe that I was a singer.

But, this afternoon, I signed myself up for an audition to be a member of students' choir. I was so nervousssss...

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All the other candidates sang good songs. I was so nervous that I kept changing my mind. I was going to sing Ten 2 Five's I Will Fly, and then I changed my mind and I would sing Marcel's Firasat instead. But in the last seconds, I changed my mind again. I ended up singing Ebiet G. Ade's Nyanyian Rindu. After singing in front of the whole crowd of students' choir, I stormed out the room. I still don't know the result. I think I don't wanna know. Haha! *nervous laugh*