friday night movies #6

Look who didn't keep her promise. I fell asleep last night before writing a Friday Night Movies post, so I think it might be okay for me to write it right now? On a Saturday night? Here it goes...


A few days ago, I watched Little Manhattan. This film tells about 10-year-old Gabe who falls in love with 11-year-old Rosemary. The story goes from when Gabe first questions what he is feeling, to the event when he realises that he is experiencing his first love. Near the end of the film, Gabe finally confesses his feeling for Rosemary, but Rosemary tells him that since she's only eleven, she thinks she may not be ready to fall in love.

This film is really cute. I love Josh Hutcherson in Zathura, but I think he's cuter in this film. And the girl who played as Rosemary is just as cute. They look good together. The story itself is very sweet. Love is always an interesting topic to talk about, but unlike any other romantic comedy films out there, this film is about children's love, not adults'. It's a good film to watch with your family since there's no sexual content. This film is also good for a first date (or the 100th? Hehe...)