eid al fitr 1432: part 1

Our journey to Lampung this year was one hell of a ride. It usually takes approximately eleven hours for us to go to Nyai's house by car (and a ferry boat), but it actually took us almost 23 hours to go to Auntie Laili's house (which is still one hour away from Nyai's). TWENTY-THREE HOURS! God, that was super exhausting and boring.

Our journey to Merak seaport was quite smooth. No traffic jam along the highway. But right after we came out of the Merak highway, tadaaaa! Traffic jam. We arrived there at 7am and we could release ourselves from the jam at 4pm. That was nine hours of sweating inside a small Honda Civic with five passengers under the sun. After being free from the traffic jam, we still had to wait an hour to get in to the ferry boat and sail away to Bakauheni. My, my...

We sailed for two hours and we arrived at Bakauheni at 7pm. We had dinner in a restaurant but I had completely lost my appetite. I was so tired that I fell asleep for the rest of the journey. I woke up right when the car got in the garage in Auntie Laili's house. It was almost 2am and so we had sahur together and I fell asleep again. We were off to Nyai's house in the morning and arrived at 8am, safe and sound.

The car was stuck there for hours. Dad even got the time to take pictures at the side of the road. Haha!

Putdar and Daw's tired faces

The crazy, crazy lines of cars waiting to get in to the ferry boat

Sunda strait and a glimpse of the sunset. Beautiful!

Mum looked extra exhausted

To be continued in the part 2 ;)


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