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6 Aug 2011

Next October, this little blog of mine will celebrate its 2nd birthday. (Yess! I've blogged that long!) But it still hasn't got famous yet. At least in my opinion. Haha!

I think, one of the signs that your blog is (quite) famous is if your blog gets spam comments. I hadn't got any... until yesterday:

My very first spam comment!

Now, can you understand why I was so excited? My blog finally got spam! That means it has gained more fame :D

And what's awesome is today I got another one:

My second spam comment

I'm famous now. Yaaay! :D


PS. Please excuse my lame-ness and silly-ness ;p

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  1. Hahaha... so THAT is how we know!!! I haven't gotten any yet either... :P Congrats to you! Sea Marie

  2. Lol! Yeah!! You're becoming famous. ;) I understand your joy - getting a blog off the ground is hard work!!

  3. I'm coming over from FTLOB Comment Sunday.

    I have never thought about Spam Comments meaning you are more exposed. I've gotten a few and figured it was a bad thing. Now when I get one I won't panic as much. :) Your blog is great by the way, what I've seen of it so far. I'll keep on the adventure of checking your blog out.


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