some people are just ignorant enough to steal

What's with these people on Facebook? Remember this post? I made that one because there was a girl putting my writing as her Facebook status without crediting me as the author. She never apologises. And last night, I found someone reposting my best friend, Mijra's note. This girl just copied and pasted Mijra's note and put a new title. That's it. No addition, no omission.

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Shame on her!

After getting comments from Mijra, she deleted the note. The good thing is she sent Mijra a message and apologised.

Seriously, people. Be creative! Don't steal anybody's works. If you like the works so much, you can actually ask the original author for permission to repost. Or at least put a backlink to the author, give them some credit. Do NOT steal! You wouldn't like it if someone stole YOUR works, right?


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