a simple hello :)

5 Aug 2011

Thought I'd just stop by to say "Hello!"

Tonight there's no movie. I'm still quite busy. In fact, tomorrow I'll have my Exploring Prose final test. Yet I still haven't studied. Why am I so lazy?

Please wish us luck for tomorrow's test :)


PS. I tried the 'hip' veil style. Does it suit my face? What do you think?

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  1. Final testnya hari Sabtu? Good luck girl :)

  2. Good luck :D
    meski aku nggak pake kerudung (obviously, haha..) ntah kenapa aku suka liat kalo kerudungnya pake style yang kamu bilang 'hip' itu.. hehe.. lebih 'kelihatan' aja mukanya, gitu :P

  3. thanks for the good lucks, girls. the test was very hard, indeed. huhu...

    jadi, aku nampak cantik kan? :3


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