on a saturday night

Hellooo... :D

So, I finally got a time to actually breathe and have a lot of fun. After taking Functional Grammar final exam this morning, I went to Istana Plaza to be Vicky and Erwin's personal cheerleader in a Pump competition. They lost, however. Maybe I wasn't a good cheerleader? :|

The broken hearted Vicky and Erwin decided to go to Bandung Indah Plaza. So we, plus Defri, went to BIP and we played Pump there. (Can't get enough of it, can we?) Afief then joined us, and so the five of us screwed the machine up. (Well, Erwin did, actually :p)

After that, we (minus Vicky cause she already had another appointment) had iftar together.

How was your weekend so far? :)


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