la la la... la photocabine!

25 Aug 2011

Months ago, I've posted something about La Photocabine, yes? The post had given La Photocabine a new fan. And yesterday, I succesfully made Mijra a fan too. We took, like, hundreds of pictures!

No. Just kidding. We only took 15 pictures. Among them, these two are my favourites:
"Let's pretend to be burglars who caught in the act. You steal the emergency lamp and I steal the printer. Quick! Grab it!"

"Now I'm a rock star. And you're my biggest fan."

She's CRAZY!


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  1. Yay! Photocabine for the win! Jadi bisa narsis2an XD

  2. omg thanks for sharing this photobooth! is so awesomeeeeee hahahha loved it! :D


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